Walking the invisible line

Everyone says you find yourself in college. I guess I always assumed that phrase was just another one of the clichés to which I didn't have to pay any mind. If anything, I thought maybe the phrase meant I'd find a career I loved or the friends I'd have for the rest of my life. Maybe those things are true, but in the midst of the midnight drives with my favorite people– the friends who took me in before we even started school here– and the ink-smudged hands from handing out news articles I can't believe I finally published, I'm also discovering a part of myself that I hadn't realized I'd been suppressing: my cultural identity.

The effects of a Biden victory: Christian media, politics and agape love

Matt Runion, Associate Dean of Christian Formation and Church Relations, finds today’s endless mix of social media and politics toxic. Engaging in social media beyond videos of cats and cake decorating requires an extreme amount of energy, especially when maintaining fruitful conversations. The election has brought thousands of similar posts to the Instagram and Snapchat stories of Bethel students calling for peace and unity, endorsing a particular candidate, or saying “No matter what happens... Jesus isKing.” Bridging divides through the media...

Bethel faculty reject Christian association with nationalism, white supremacy in Inauguration Day statement

A statement released to the Bethel community today addressed a transition of power following recent polarizing events at the Capitol. A statement written by History Department Chair Dr. Christopher Gehrz and other Bethel faculty addressing this year’s inauguration day was sent via email to the Bethel community today. The letter prays for a peaceful transition of power in light of the Jan. 6 events at the U.S. Capitol and was signed by about 300 members of the Bethel community.

Bethel music ensembles continue Christmas tradition

Benson Great Hall remained empty during the first weekend of December this year. Traditionally, Bethel’s annual Festival of Christmas brings together hundreds of excited Bethel students, faculty and community members. This year, however, viewers will turn on their tablets and TVs to watch a pre-recorded festival featuring music from Bethel’s choirs, band, orchestra and handbell ensemble. The 45 minute performance will be available for the entire month of December on Bethel’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Going wherever life takes her

Miranda Powers sat in the swivel chair in her Student Life office last summer, spending her August diligently planning Welcome Week and working on the COVID-19 response. Despite the many positions she's held at Bethel, Powers always finds her way back to Welcome Week somehow. As the Associate Vice President of Student Life, she supervises Residence Life, Health Services, Counseling Services, Campus Engagement and Student Care and Conduct, all while balancing home life with her husband and three children.

Spike in COVID-19 cases brings new precautions to campus

Bethel’s COVID-19 Alert Level rose to Level 2 last week, resulting in several new protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Bethel’s COVID-19 Dashboard shows a range of Alert Levels from zero to four, zero being the complete absence of cases and four shutting down all campus-based operations. According to an email sent to all Bethel students Oct. 30, level two is now in effect, resulting in a mandatory precautionary quarantine for all residents of Arden Village through Nov. 6.

Returning to the lowest level

An email sent to the Bethel community today announced a decrease in COVID-19 Alert Level to level one. Bethel’s testing capacity and quick result turnaround resulted in a sharp decline in recorded COVID-19 cases on campus recently, echoing the also decreasing number of cases in Minnesota as a whole. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, new confirmed positive cases in the state have dropped from 409 Jan. 1 to 23 as of 4 p.m. yesterday.
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